Courses – The Mini Residency in Prosthodontics 2010

  • Course: The Mini Residency in Prosthodontics 2010
  • Dates:   Module 1 26 August 2010 - 28 August 2010
    Module 2 7 October 2010 - 9 October 2010
    Module 3 18 November 2010 - 20 November 2010
  • Venue: Rotondo Dental Practice, Brisbane
  • Presenters: Michael Mandikos, Tony Rotondo, Harry Hughes

Accordingly, Michael, Tony and Harry decided that there was a gap to fill in the local training environment when it came to complex restorative dentistry, and so the “Mini-Residency in Prosthodontics” was born. Our goal is to teach you as much as we can about Fixed Prosthodontics, in a concise, 9-day program. It’s all you can learn, anywhere in Australia, short of enrolling in a full time, 3-year specialty program.

The course is run from Rotondo Dental Practice, and consists of 3 x 3-day modules. Each module prepares the attendees for the next stage of treatment in a major restorative case, so that they can return to their practices and perform that stage of treatment on their respective patients. At the end of the program, our “Alumni” are invited to maintain contact with us, sharing their successes and questions with us.

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